Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Biography of Retired Brigadier General Akil Hashem

Retired Brigadier General Akil Hashem

Born in Homs, Syria in 1942
Spent the first 20 years of his life – due to his dad’s profession as a physician – moving and living between Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt.
Joined the Syrian Army in 1962 and got promoted in the Military ranks till Brigadier General.
Served in the armored military units and ranked up from a Platoon Leader, then a Company Commander, then a Battalion Chief of Staff, to the Acting Commander of a Tank Battalion, to become the Head of Operations for the Armored Brigade.
Fought in 1967 June War, 1973 October War which he was badly and critically injured; for that he was granted for his bravery:
o Premier Military Medal
o First Class Military Medal of Courage
o Medal of War Wounded
o 6 October Medal
o With Excellent rank advantage of 2 Years
Relocated – for security reasons – in 1976 from Field Units to Teaching Field.
Assigned as Head Tactic of Faculty of Armor in Homs, and an official trainer for officers’ sessions (platoon, company and battalion officers).
During that time he worked on writing two basic reference courses; one in Tactical Training & Strategy, and the other in The Strategy and Science of Tank Shooting.
Later, he was relocated to Higher Military Academy in Damascus and was appointed as a trainer and a professor of Staff Courses then Chief of Military and Scientific Studies & Research Branch. After that, he was assigned as the Head of the Military History Department.
In 1982, he was appointed from the academy to participate in Lebanon War for that matter, he was assigned to be the Chief of Staff of the Palestinian Fedayeen Commandos; he worked there for two months then returned to the academy to resume his responsibilities.
Wrote dozens of lectures, manuals, researches in core subjects and courses that he was specialized in teaching and participated with two of his colleagues in the authorship of the top and most important military scientific references for the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces such as:
o System of Ground Forces Fights / Company – Battalion Level
o System of Ground Forces Fights / Brigade – Division Level
o System of the Preparation & Waging of the Military Operations and Missions / Legion – Army Level
o The Operating System of the Armed Forces Staff
o The Breach System of Fortified Areas
o The Operating System of Group Maneuver behind Enemy Lines / Brigade – Division Level.
Retired – upon his 4 requests – in 1989
Married with 6 children and 13 grandchildren